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All of the Rebel Alliance’s most revered leaders sat in the briefing room, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Admiral Dodonna and Mon Mothma to name a few. Dodonna stood up and walked to the holo-projector as the higher ranks of the Army and Navy joined them.
“A few hours ago, a strike team of the best fighter pilots was dispatched to what was considered a flourishing Imperial base.” Dodonna said. “The team managed to successfully set down on the planet and confirm our suspicions. They entered the base hoping to steal data and escape undetected. Unfortunately, the alarm was raised and they had to flee. All the pilots were killed in battle save one. Colonel Wedge Antilles managed to make the jump in the nick of time and he has brought us vital information about the Empire’s strategies.”
He switched on the projector and turned back to the crowd.
“General Caarlist Rieekan will now brief you on how to help protect the Empire’s next targets.”
A fairly young man about in his thirties walked up.
“I have gone through the information provided to us by Colonel Antilles and it appears that they plan to capture Kashyyyk in 5 days to enslave the Wookiees. It says that they have a large construction project going on and need skilled workers who will ask for less pay or none at all. We have to help protect this planet as we did once before. The Wookiees are valuable allies to the Alliance. General Yoda will lead the attack on the Imperials.”
Yoda nodded as everyone looked up at him.
“So, are there any questions?” Rieekan asked. There were none. “Alright, suit up, you'll be leaving in 5 hours.”
Wedge sat in his ship as it plummeted through hyperspace. He had barely got any rest when Dodonna called him out on a mission again. Wedge shook his head. He hoped it would work more smoothly than the previous one.

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