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Three Alliance Frigates burst out of Hyperspace in front of Kashyyyk followed by thousands of fighter craft. Once he looked at the planet, Wedge knew he was in for a tough time. Surrounding the planet were four Imperial Cruisers and a thick cloud of TIEs.
“All squadrons, form up and report.” crackled Dodonna’s voice through the comm. Wedge shot out in front and his unit, Green Squadron, formed up in a battle formation and reported. Once all the squadrons were done, Dodonna gave the attack commands.
“Red, Yellow and Green Squadrons, engage the TIE fighters at point blank range. Try to draw their fire away from the surface troops and the Frigates.” Dodonna ordered.
Three groups of X-Wings broke formation and headed for the cluster of TIEs, cannons blazing. Even at such a large distance, TIEs were exploding every second because of their proximity. The TIE commander must have also noticed this as the TIEs began to spread out and firing back. Soon, all the fighters were engaged in vicious dogfights, both sides taking losses.
“Grey Squadron, break up and target the Cruisers.” Dodonna called. A group of A-Wings and Y-Wings flew off towards the Cruisers. Grey Squadron was the only attack group with 54 ships. Dodonna must have planned it especially for them. Next highest in number of ships was Blue Squadron with 50 ships. Grey Squad split up into groups of 18 and began strafing runs on the Cruisers. Some of the TIEs began to fire at them. As he neared the Bridge, Grey Leader got an idea. He increased his speed to full throttle and began firing at the Communications Tower. His pursuer sped up to match Grey Lead’s. Soon they were dodging other ships and minor obstacles like a chase between cat and mouse. As they neared the Bridge, Grey Leader prepared himself. Twenty metres from the bridge, he leaned back on his control stick and his A-Wing shot upwards. The TIE, because of its less maneuverability was unable to pull out in time and flew headlong into the Bridge, shattering the glass. People and droids spewed out of the enormous gash in the Cruiser’s skin. The Rebels’ first victory!
“All right, Blue Squadron, begin surface strafing runs. Get into Grey Squadron’s breach. Wedge pushed his ship up to its speed. 49 ships behind him followed, firing occasionally at incoming TIEs. Wedge and his Unit, with some advanced maneuvering, managed to make it into Kashyyyk’s atmosphere.
“Blue Squadron’s through!” Wedge reported. “We’ve broken their lines!”
“Green Squadron, cease fire and provide backup to Blue Squad.” Dodonna said.
10-15 ships broke off and followed Blue Squadron into the atmosphere.
Wedge came down to tree-top level and noticed many ships hovering above the trees. With a quick command to his squad, all of them shot off missiles at their targets. Several ships exploded, others stopped floating and headed for the forest floor. Blue Squadron shot ahead to the Wookiee strongpoint, flanked by Green Squadron. As they reached, they realized that even though the Wookiees had put up a good fight, they would lose if they did not do anything. Many transport ships awaited in the air and several TIEs flew around. The Rebel ships broke up and some started chasing the TIEs. Others targeted the transport ships, causing many to crash. The tide was turning, but for how long? Wedge wasn’t sure.

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