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Vader clenched his fist tighter as he watched the Rebel strike on his ships. He was not happy with this at all.
“My Lord?” came a voice from behind him. Vader turned to face a young Lieutenant.
“Yes Lieutenant?”
“I have gone through the databases as you ordered me to and I believe I have found the traitor.”
“Who is he?” Vader asked, his anger increasing with the minute.
The Lieutenant turned and pointed at an officer in one of the crew pits.
Vader gestured at two Stormtroopers.
“Throw him into the cells; I have some business with him later.”
The troopers nodded and a few minutes later, the protesting officer was being forcibly dragged off the Bridge.
Vader turned to the TIE Commissions Officer.
“Deploy the strafing prototypes, Commander.”
The TCO nodded and spoke a few words into a microphone.
************************************************** ***
Yellow Squadron was cruising along at moderate speed in their Y-Wings, firing their heads off at the TIEs. Yellow Three split up from the formation to deactivate a few more TIEs when all of a sudden a burst of green light shot out from under his ship. He turned it around and saw three sleek, modified TIE Fighters. The lead fighter fired again and his ship was torn apart by the advanced lasers. The battlefield was now swarming with the TIE Advanced fighters, the Rebels were quickly losing.
************************************************** ***
Wedge took out another transport ship and was heading for the next when his comm. crackled to life.
“All units, this is Dodonna, break off and head home, we are losing ships fast.”
Wedge thumbed his mike on.
“But Sir, Kashyyyk will be captured by the…”
“Cut the crap, Colonel, do as you are told.”
Wedge understood that it was very serious indeed and ordered his crew to break off. As he exited the atmosphere though, he got a taste of the action. A group of fighters were zipping in and out, here and there, firing off to glory. Every second, there was an explosion involving a Rebel ship. As he made for the mother-ship, half of his Squad was picked off like flies without wings on a table. The ships ahead of him docked successfully. As he was about to enter the hangar, however, a TIE Av fired at him. The blast hit his port wings, blowing them both completely off.
“This is really bugging the hell out of me,” Wedge muttered through gritted teeth as he wrestled with his control stick to stabilize his craft.
“This is Colonel Antilles,” he said through the comm. as the Hangar doors closed and the ship revved its engines for the jump to Hyperspace.
“I request the isolation of Hangar bay 57A. My ship has suffered serious hits and I don’t think its stable enough.”
He popped the hatch and jumped out. Landing hard, he doubled over for a minute to clear his head, and then ran like mad for the Hangar door. He slapped the panel from outside and raced for the elevator. As he headed for the Briefing Level, he heard a muffled explosion. He looked down and shook his head sadly. Sad about the fate of Kashyyyk; and his ship.

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