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The Rebel Ship broke Hyperspace and entered the Bespin system. Almost immediately, the Bay doors opened and the new fighters spewed out, heading for the planet. As they boosted their crafts towards it, the comm. crackled,
“And Colonel Antilles,” Dodonna’s voice filtered through. “I’m putting you in charge of the tactical command for this mission along with me.”
“Acknowledged, Admiral,” Wedge replied.
As the ships entered the atmosphere, Wedge issued his first command,
“All units split up and land your ships on different landing pads. We should be as subtle as possible.”
The 120 ships scattered beautifully and headed to different landing pads set inside the floating city.
Back in the Command Ship, Dodonna sent another message to the group,
“We will be jumping to a spot a little close to the Sun in this system to minimize interference. If you need assistance, shout out and we’ll be there.”
“Understood, Admiral.” Came the reply.
The pilots sat in their ships for fifteen minutes doing nothing and Wedge was beginning to wonder whether or not the Imperials would come when their scanners registered a new Cruiser in the planet’s day-side: right in front of them.
“All ships move out and form up.” Wedge commanded as he brought his engines to life. The ships rose and shot into space in formation.
“Alright Blue Squad, get the Cruiser.” Wedge said. “Green and Red Squads focus on the TIEs, Gold Squad get back into the atmosphere and flank the City.”
Ships scattered, obeying the new leader. Wedge, as Red Leader, went after the TIEs with the Greens. A group of ships broke through the oncoming wave of TIEs and began strafing runs on the Cruiser’s surface.
With the new cannons installed by the techs, the Rebels had the advantage now. Every shot fired by them hit one TIE or the other. The Imperials were losing once again, but this time, Wedge was sure that the Rebels would win this battle.
In the Bridge, Vader felt his temper rising. He turned to his TIE Commander.
“Send the Advanced ships in. Now!”
The commander nodded and issued an order through his collar mike.
The Hangar doors opened and the TIE Advanced fighters rocketed out. However, this time, Wedge had a plan.
“The ships are out,” he said through his comm. “Group Blue A, send a couple of missiles in; Group Blue B, get in the others and set the time bombs.”
Blue Squadron split up and went to different Hagar arrays. Group A, targeting the hangar array on the Cruiser’s port side, obtained target locks one by one and launched their whole payload of concussion missiles into different hangars, everyone except Blue Leader, who saved his last 2 missiles for a future operation. With thousands of thunderous explosions, the Cruiser rocked and its port engines blew out, sending it reeling into the left, without any engines left in the port to stabilize its direction.
Just then, the Group B ships had safely landed in the Hangar Bays of the Cruiser. The pilots jumped out, armed with a backpack containing 5 time bombs and a Blaster Cannon. They set the bombs on the most vital components in the Bays: the power grids, missile storage compartments, un-launched ships, etc.
“Group B, are you done?” asked Blue Leader. “This has to be precisely timed.”
“Group B is done,” a pilot replied.
“Then get out of there, Phase 2 is commencing.”
The pilots scrambled back to their ships and exited the Bays. Blue Leader set his craft to hover in one spot and turned to face the Cruiser, which, by now, had almost made a full 180 degree turn away from the battle. He looked at his readout of the angle of the ship with respect to its initial X Axis position. When the reading hit 165 degrees, he initiated the time bombs. 5 seconds later, the time bombs went off. Another royal explosion and now even the starboard engines blew out. The inertia of the ship kept it turning towards the right. When the reading reached 178, Blue Leader launched his last two missiles at the port section of the ship’s rear. The concussions stopped the leftward turn of the Cruiser. Now it hung, dead in space, engines out and facing away from the battle at 180 degrees exactly.
“Okay fellas, Phase 3,” Blue Leader called.
All of the ships on Blue Squadron went to the Cruiser. They aligned themselves according to the Cruiser and landed on the it all over the place with magnetic clamps and shut down their engines. Blue Leader made sure all the ships were on the Cruiser.
“Okay, on three, One…Two…THREE!”
At the command, all the ships blasted their engines at full throttle. The combined thrust began to move the Cruiser slowly.
“Okay, looks like this is working,” Blue Lead called. “Keep it going.”
The Cruiser’s speed reading in Blue Lead’s cockpit scanner went up slowly. It finally reached 16000 kmph when the 5-minute timer he set went off.
“All ships, pull up.” He called. The pilots decreased their thrust and broke off. The Cruiser kept going into emptiness while Blue Squad rocketed back to Bespin.
“We’ve cut off their reinforcements and docking facilities,” Blue Leader reported.
“Excellent work, Blue Lead.” Wedge said. Head down and help Gold Squad to secure the city. Blue Squadron headed to the floating city, victorious, and landed on the pads, waiting to fill up their empty tanks.

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