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Wedge fired and another TIE blew up. The Rebels were just inches away from grabbing their victory. The Imperial fleet was in disorder; the TIEs had no support from their Cruiser and they were surrounded by enemy ships. Suddenly, a Rebel Enforcer Cruiser popped into view: apparently the Pilots had called for backup. This confused the TIE Lieutenant as he flew around, trying to evade the ship behind him. They already had the upper hand; why call for backup? The X-Wings had stopped firing too; they were merely keeping the TIEs from escaping. Then, suddenly, about a dozen Y-Wings arrived on the scene, coming straight from the Rebel Cruiser’s Bays. Blue flashes suddenly streaked everywhere: ion beans from the Y-Wings’ cannons and their targets were the TIEs. Several minutes and a lot of firing later, all the TIEs were knocked out. Their circuits scrambled and weapons and targeting systems overloaded, the TIEs were sitting ducks for the X-Wings. Surprisingly, all the ship began moving towards the Enforcer; the X-Wings under their own power and the TIEs pulled by the tractor beam of the ship. After collecting its cargo, the Enforcer jumped into Hyperspace as if nothing had happened. By now, the Imperial Cruiser was long gone from the scene. Cruising along at 1000 mph, they were dead in space, trying to establish contact with their main fleet and the abducted TIEs. Vader turned and stormed off to his chambers, seething with rage. A young officer, unable to sense that Vader was in a mood, came up to the Dark Lord and said something he should have not:
“My Lord, it seems that the blasts from the missiles have destroyed some of the lower levers entirely, including your Personal Chambers.”
That did it for Vader, he let loose his anger. Gripping the officer’s neck with the Force, he raised him into the air.
“Your incompetence is the reason for that,” he growled and hurled the man across the Bridge. Vader turned and walked away to the Observation Deck.
************************************************** ****************
A group of Imperial Pilots surrounded by Rebel troops walked down the corridor to the cells. After depositing their load, the troops went up to the Cafeteria were the whole crew was assembled.
“I gave the order to cease fire because I had something special in mind with regard to the fight against the Imperials,” Dodonna said. “We can repair the TIEs we just captured and use them in attacks on heavily guarded Imperial bases.”
“Sir,” Wedge called. “What about the prisoners?”
“We will need them to give us any bypass codes or things of the sort we may require. For that reason, treat them nicely. They may spill everything on being asked; but some may require a little persuasion, but we’ll deal with that when time comes.”
Mon Mothma now came front.
“This battle will definitely lead the Imperials to change their course of action.” She said. “They might decide to attack a different planet rather that the one reported in our stolen data modules. Because of this, I see it fit that there should be a garrison of troops and a squadron of fighters on all of the targeted planets.”
“This decision requires all the forces to be very alert.” Dodonna said. “One garrison and fighter squadron cannot win a battle. They are there simply to provide primary defense to the planets. Should the planet you are on be attacked, send a message to the main fleet immediately then provide support to the planet till we arrive.”
The Cruiser rumbled and dropped out of Hyperspace. Several cargo shuttles carrying the disabled TIEs and Lambda class shuttles filled the temporarily very silent Hangar bay of their Dantooininan base.

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