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The Rebel base was alive with the hustle and bustle of rushed activity. Rebel technicians worked hard to repair the TIEs back to factory standards and the Commanders were trying with all their might to get the POWs to talk but the Empire had done some excellent conditioning on their soldiers. They would not crack even under torture, to which the Rebels had to unfortunately turn to after their truth serums and mind games had no effect. Seeing this problem, General Caarlist Rieekan, now put in charge of the fleet by the Admiral instead of himself, announced a plan to bring in one of the most successful person in the Clone Wars. This mystery person was expected at noon, local time, that very day. Apparently he would also help them with the war effort when things were going against them. The Rebels went ahead with their work, bothered more about their schedule than the helper.
************************************************** **************
It was noon, the sunlight was softened by the clouds in the sky, making it seem like early evening. The grass was not moving at all, and the air was deathly still. Still, that is, until a new shuttle set down on the grass just outside the entrance of the base. General Rieekan walked forward to the now opening ramp and waited patiently for his guest to disembark. The new arrival was a tall man with brown hair and a beard to match. He wore long flowing robes of two different shades of brown again and he carried what gave a first appearance of a slender metallic tube at his waist. Rieekan shook hands warmly with the newcomer.
“Welcome,” he said with a smile. “We are most grateful to you for agreeing to help us.”
“My pleasure, General. I have a few aims of my own too,” Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi replied.
************************************************** **************
Space shook and another Imperial class cruiser appeared in front of Vader’s half-destroyed Command Ship. The technicians had finally managed to bring back communications with the main fleet, improving Vader’s mood considerably. The new cruiser maneuvered in front of the dead ship and cuts its engines. Vader transferred to the other Cruiser in his personal TIE fighter to get a Hyperspace-capable shuttle. Once the Dark Lord had left, the crews of both the ships were operating with much more relief. Several TIEs flying at low speed helped connect titanium-plasteel cables originating from the first cruiser, to the second. Once the cables were secures, the new Cruiser proceeded to tow the ship to the vicinity of the Hoth Asteroid Belt, near which the Empire had set up a small space station.

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