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Obi Wan waved his hand in front of the Imperial Pilot, reaching out with the Force and touching his mind.
“You want to tell me what the Empire will do next,” he said in a commanding tone.
“I…want…the Empire will call a full retreat and begin work on their new TIEs.” The pilot replied soberly.
“Which are…?” Obi Wan asked.
“The TIE Bomber. They will use them in an invasion of Corellia.”
“Where is the fleet positioned now?” Obi Wan demanded.
“I don’t know”
Obi Wan reached deeper into the Imperial’s mind.
“They…they are just outside the Hoth Asteroid Belt, using the resources found among the rocks to power their productions.”
“Thank you,” Obi Wan said cheerfully and let go of his prisoner’s mind. The trooper immediately slumped down onto the chair behind him, exhausted.
Obi Wan turned back to Wedge,
“Well, Wedge, you’ve got your target. I would suggest a swift hit-and-run mission.”
“Of course, Master Kenobi, I…”
“Please,” Obi Wan interrupted. “Call me Obi Wan.”
“Sure, Obi Wan,” said Wedge. “Anyway, as I was saying, I had already taken the opportunity to prepare our strike team. We would appreciate it if you joined us in the battle.”
“What? You mean like in a fighter? No thank you, Wedge, flying is for droids, and overly excited youth.”
“Well,” Wedge said, a bit disappointed. “If you change your mind, let me know.”
“Of course, in the meantime, I’ll supervise from the main base comm. room.”
Wedge nodded and departed to his fellow strike-mates to deliver the target and plan of action.
An asteroid hurtled past the automated mining apparatus, nearly smashing it to pieces. It crashed into another piece of rock the same size and fragmented instantly, leaving behind shards of sharp metal ore and rock. Admiral Ben Dylan of the Imperial fleet shook his head slightly.
*This is dangerous. I don’t know why the Emperor didn’t have these machines programmed with artificial intelligence.* he thought.
He heard dull footsteps approaching and instantly knew who it was; he turned,
“Lord Vader,” he greeted with his head bowed in respect.
“What is your progress, Admiral?” the deep voice replied.
“We have already begun construction of the TIE Bomber prototype,” the Admiral said confidently. “In three days, it shall be ready for testing. If it is a success, we hope to begin mass-production within the week.”
Vader was silent for a minute and then he replied with a tone of satisfaction,
“Good work, Admiral. Keep up the progress and the Emperor might commend you soon.”
“Thank you, my Lord,” was the reply.
Vader left the bridge of the Cruiser and went to his Chambers to meditate. As the Admiral turned back to the chaos outside, however, the milk curdled.
“Admiral, we are picking up a squadron of Rebel vehicles on our scanners,” a junior technician reported. “They are approaching fast.”
“What!?” the Admiral exclaimed. “How did they find us?”
“That is irrelevant at the moment, Admiral,” answered his aide. “Our goal now is to protect the Cruiser and the machinery.”
“Send out all available TIEs, immediately!” Dylan ordered.
Sitting in his craft, hurtling along at Sublight 5, Wedge and his group cracked their knuckles with anticipation. About 3 dozen TIEs poured out of the Hangars on the Cruiser. Wedge’s group split up and half of them went in to deal with the TIEs.

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