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Wedge’s attack force consisting only of 20 ships, one would think that the TIEs would be having the advantage. However, the Rebels were throwing everything they had at the Imperials and gaining the edge.
“Red 19 and 20, destroy the mining machines, they are crucial to this setup, then try to do some damage to the Cruiser.” Wedge called. Two ships from the group headed for the Cruiser broke off and fired upon the mining apparatuses. They blew up in seconds and the X-Wings crossed back and proceeded with their second order. However, as they went along, a TIE which was hit by another X-Wing came careening out of control towards the duet. Red 20 managed to go into a suicide dive and pull up, but Red 19 strafed right instead. The TIE collided hard with the X-Wing and it was the strength of the new alloy on the hull that kept it from disintegrating. However, Red 19 lost control of his throttle and it zoomed ahead at maximum speed. He wrestled with the controls, trying to avoid hitting anything. The Hoth Asteroid Belt proved too much for him; as he jerked his ship hard to the left, a speeding piece of rock hit his ship head on. The Rebels were now one ship short.
“Red Lead,” Red 20 called into his mike. “Jake’s ship was hit by an asteroid. He’s…gone.”
Wedge, about to begin a strafing run on the Cruiser, aborted his run and shouted,
“WHAT?! He’s an excellent pilot. We all are. How did he just smash into a rock?”
“An out-of-control TIE immobilized his throttle controls.”
Wedge swore loudly. Things were becoming too real.
“Keep going,” he announced. “Give them hell for Jake.”
The Rebels now began fighting with a new life. They coordinated strategy and worked in pairs or groups of 3 and destroyed several components of the Cruiser. As they were preparing to deal the fatal blow, however, another Imperial Cruiser materialized in front of them and a new wave of TIEs burst forth.
************************************************** *************
Admiral Dylan was seriously contemplating suicide when one of his techs spoke:
“Admiral, a new Imperial-class Cruiser has appeared in Sector Alpha-Two-Gamma. They are sending reinforcements.”
For a moment, Dylan joined in the cheers of the crew, then suspicion hit him.
“How did they know we were under attack? We never sent out any distress signal.” He wondered aloud. Just then, the ship rocked with the force of another explosion.
“What's going on?” Dylan yelled. “The Rebel ships are all on our visual field.”
“It seems you were right, Admiral,” replied his Aide. “The new TIEs are attacking us.”
“What?! Treachery! Murder! Who dared betray the Emperor?”
“They are the ships captured above Bespin, Admiral.”
Dylan really wanted to throw himself out of an airlock now. The very fact that Vader had not come charging to the deck for an explanation was a wonder to behold.
“We’ve no choice, send all available power to the engines and make a jump, NOW!” The Admiral ordered.
The lights went out as all the power was rerouted to the hyperdrive and sublight engines. The only illumination was from the flickering computer panels. Slowly, the ship began to move. It charged ahead, out of the Asteroid Field, straining its engines to the limit. As soon as they were clear, the Cruiser shot ahead into Hyperspace.
************************************************** **************
The moment the new Cruiser popped up, Wedge’s heart suck, but it rose up again immediately when his comm. cracked to life.
“Hello, Wedge. Enjoying the party?”
“Obi Wan!” Wedge replied, half-awed. “How did you get one of those?”
“Later, Wedge, We’ve a bigger problem here. I’ve sent out the TIEs we captured to help you out.”
“Call them back, Master Kenobi,” came a voice. It was Red 3. “They’ve started their engines. If I’m right about them wanting to jump to Hyperspace, we’d better stand clear.”
“You’re right,” agreed Obi Wan.
There was a brief silence as he gave the order through a separate comm. and the Rebel-TIEs pulled up and returned to their ship. Sure enough, Red 3’s hunch was right, the Cruiser had just enough power left and they had used it to flee. If there were any ships next to it at the time, they would have been torn apart.
“Let them go, we don’t have time to waste,” ordered Obi Wan. The Rebel X-Wings obediently docked on the captured Imperial Cruiser and it too jumped into Hyperspace, leaving behind a vast amount of wreckage to join the Hoth Asteroid Belt.

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