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“Okay,” Wedge said as he descended from his starfighter. “Can you explain now how you got this ship?”
“Obviously, we…” began Obi Wan.
“…Captured it, I know. My question is *how* you managed to do that.”
“As you know, the Alliance is engaged on a broad scale; we received a distress message from New Agamar just as you left for Hoth, so we hightailed it there and slapped then hard.” Obi Wan explained as the rest of Wedge’s squad fell in step behind them. “Though, I won’t say it was easy. We took heavy losses on our side and unfortunately, lost Agamar in the process.”
“What?” Wedge said.
“The Imperials pulled a trick on us. Just as we arrived, they had another ship join them from the other side of the planet and transports carried Infantry units to the surface. By the time our battle’s tide had turned, we received a transmission demanding our immediate withdrawal or else one of the Agamar colonies would be vaporized.”
“Right, so you lost the planet.” Wedge confirmed. “How did you get the ship then?”
“We paid them back,” Obi Wan replied with a grin. “Just as we were about to leave, I ordered the captured TIEs out. They embarked from the port bay so that nobody could see them and doubled back after flying towards the planet’s atmosphere to make it appear as if they were a relief force. They stormed the Cruiser by force and captured the Bridge. Once done, the ship was ours, though, once again with heavy losses.”
“Right, do what’s our next plan of action?” Wedge asked.
“Right now we’ll lick our wounds and catch our breaths. If the Imperials strike again, we have to be at full alert.”
Wedge nodded and they parted ways as the pilots headed for their quarters.
************************************************** *******************
“You may rise,” said Darth Vader. Ben Dylan rose, relieved that Vader did not dispose of him as he had done with others.
“I am terribly sorry once again, My Lord, but we were not prepared for such an assault.” He explained once again.
“You have learned your lesson, Admiral, do not fail me again.”
Dylan suddenly felt a sort of seizure in his chest. For a second, he could not draw breath, but it suddenly passed just as it descended.
“Yes, My Lord. Do I have any further orders?”
“As a matter of fact, you do.” Vader replied. “You will go to Sullust and set up a base among the volcanic plateaus.”
Vader handed Dylan a datapad.
“All the information you need is in there. You are dismissed, Admiral.”
Dylan bowed and said,
“Yes, My Lord.”
************************************************** *******************
Space rippled and the Crusher, Dylan’s new command ship, appeared in front of the blue-red planet of Sullust. He gave the order and thousands of Lambda-class and cargo shuttles erupted from the bay. 5 hours after touchdown, work began on the Imperial transponders required to power such a base.
************************************************** *******************
The hologram vanished and Mon Mothma turned to Dodonna.
“They have begun work on a new base on Sullust,” she reported.
“Let them be, Sullust is a far out planet and building the base itself will take a long time. Once it is active, we will place it under scrutiny of the Bothans.”
“I agree,” Mon Mothma said. “However, we must not be flippant about this, I suggest we keep an eye on them just to be safe.”
“Done and done,” Dodonna replied.

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