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Dodonna shook his head again. The darkness of the bridge just made him sleepy and he could hear the strong temptation calling from his quarters. Part of him just wanted to fall in the nearest chair and drop off, but he kept going with his will power, and the occasional cup of Stim-Coffee. He filled another cup and sipped the steaming liquid silently. The other crew members were also on full alert, but with their flashing consoles, sleep was hard to come their way. For a moment, Dodonna envied them, not responsible for anything other than observing the radar, or sending communication signals, or controlling the engines. But the moment passed, and he realized every person was useful to the army. If a soldier quit, the Army was one short, and that one soldier could have made a difference. He was still in the middle of his revere when the klaxon went off. He was so startled; he spilled half his cup of Stim-Coffee onto himself.
“What’s going on?” he asked the comm. officer as he pressed a towel to his soaked shirt.
“We’ve received an emergency signal from Corellia. They’re under attack.”
“Right, give the signal for the crew to get ready. We leave in 30 minutes.” He turned to walk out of the bridge to find a change of clothes when the comm. officer called him back.
“Sir!” he called. “There’s another transmission incoming: the Imperials are attacking Bothawui too.”
Dodonna cursed. The Imperials were causing far too much trouble.
“Get Commander Jalen.” He ordered one of his guards.
“There is no need, Admiral,” Jalen said softly from behind. “I am here.”
Dodonna turned to him and spoke urgently.
“We have to organize ASAP. The Imperials are hitting two targets at once. Divide the fleet into two and take one unit to Corellia.”
Jalen nodded and brought up a logistics annex.
“Get more firepower to Bothawui. It is a key system as is its Spynet. Cause no damage whatsoever to the civilians.” Dodonna ordered.
Five minutes later, the troops were all reassigned and there was a hustle of activity. Dodonna took this time to excuse himself to his quarters and change.
Forty minutes after the first transmission was received, the Rebel fleet was whirring into gear.
Across half the Galaxy, so was the Imperial fleet.
************************************************** *******************
The Commander in Chief of the Kuat Defense Forces was not prepared for the Star Destroyers that suddenly loomed in the sky above them. Because of this, by the time the fighters were finally scrambled, the fast and agile Kuat Drives Mach III ships, the TIE Bomber Squadron had already destroyed half of the city.
“Send a distress signal and put everyone on alert,” ordered the Commander, forcing his voice to remain calm with much effort.
“Red Alert signal has been issued, Commander,” replied the officer. “But the Imperials have a jamming net in place.”
The Commander lost his patience and stomped his feet.
“Send a quarter of the Fighters to knock that piece of wampa dung out of the sky.” He growled in annoyance.
“Signal sent, Commander,” replied the officer after a few minutes at the comm.
************************************************** *******************
High above the planet of Kuat, the Mach IIIs were engaged in a full dogfight-only type of battle. TIEs and Mach IIIs blew up by the second. Amidst this carnage, nobody noticed the slick group of ships slipping away from the main fleet. They headed towards the moderately-sized, sharp-edge designed jamming satellite put out of harms way. It would not be that way for long. Hundreds of laser cannon blasts and three concussion missiles later, it really wasn’t that way.
“This is K15 Squad,” called the leader of the attack force. “The Jamming Sat is down, repeat, the Sat is down.”
************************************************** *******************
Back on solid ground, the officer got to work transmitting the distress signal at least once every minute.
“This is the planet of Kuat, we are under Imperial attack, require emergency assistance immediately!”

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