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“Commander Jalen,” said Dodonna into his comlink. “You’d better listen to him. Give the order to your troops to retreat.
He received an affirmation as a reply and the capital ships under Jalen’s command slowly revered direction.

Dodonna opened a channel with Dylan.
“You are a smart man, Dylan, some would say scheming.”

“Glad you think so,” replied the Imperial Admiral.

“But know this,” said Dodonna with a confident air. “The Rebel Alliance will not sit idly by as you conquer.”

“I don’t think that will make a difference, Admiral,” replied Dylan. “Within two months, the size of my fleet shall double, and the very sight of my Battleships will intimidate your leaders. Now get out of here, before I scramble my fighters.”

Dodonna’s capital ship finally turned around and jumped into hyperspace.
************************************************** *********************
“I am most pleased with your performance, Admiral Dylan,” said the man in front of him. He sat in his ornately designed chair, or some would say throne, facing away from Dylan, staring out the window, set 75 stories high in the Imperial Palace. The chair slowly swiveled and revealed:
Emperor Palpatine.
The Sith Lord stood up and walked forward a few steps.

“Your Spynet is now operational, Admiral,” said the mottled old man. He made the slightest of signs and one of his Royal Imperial Guards, dressed in full red armor, came forward, escorting a humanoid reptilian species. The figure had green skin and sharp, curved claws. Though it was an alien, its features were like those of a man, a handsome man.

“This is Prince Xizor,” said Palpatine. “He is the overlord of Black Sun and has a vast Spynet of his own, second to none, equal to the Bothans. Do doubt, what you hear may be received by the Rebel’s too, but if you need any other…services, he will help you.”

Xizor, a Falleen, bowed slightly to Dylan and the Admiral returned it.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Admiral,” said Xizor smoothly in perfect Basic. “My services are at your dispersal.”

Dylan nodded. “I’d like your men to give me the exact whereabouts of the Rebel fleet every three hours. Would that be possible?”

Before Xizor could reply, the Emperor cut in.

“Discuss your business elsewhere,” said the Emperor. “I don’t think my chambers are your briefing stations, Admiral.”

Dylan bowed low. “Forgive me, My Master.” He said and the two figures quickly left the room.
Outside, in the turbolift, Xizor turned to Dylan and said,

“I’ll give you all the recon, you need, Admiral, but I want a favour in return.”

“Name it, I’ll try to help.” Replied Dylan.

“I want authorization to have surveillance on Darth Vader.”

Dylan inhaled sharply. He thought about Vader for a second: tall, black armored, Force-user.

“I…have to think about it,” said Dylan slowly.

“Take your time, Admiral,” replied Xizor, not looking at him. “I’m in no hurry.”

“May I ask why?” said Dylan.

The turbolift stopped and the duo stepped out.

“You may, Admiral,” said Xizor and looked at him. “But don’t expect an answer.”

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