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Dylan knelt on one knee, head down, in front of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

“You have done well in bringing this to me first, Admiral,” rumbled Vader. “Had you given him access without me knowing of it, you would have been…dealt with.”

Dylan felt relief and fear at the same time, but managed to keep calm. “Should I deny him permission, My Lord?”

“While that would be the most logical answer, since we have our own Spynet, it would not be the correct course to take,” replied Vader.

Dylan was confused now. Here was Vader, telling him that the Empire had their own Spynet, and half an hour ago, the Emperor told him that Xizor’s Spynet was at his disposal. As if he could read the Admiral’s thoughts, Vader spoke.

“The Emperor thinks our Spynet is too…incapable.” said the Sith Lord. Dylan could hear the verbal sneer in his voice.

“What should I do about Xizor, My Lord?” Dylan asked, rising at Vader’s signal.

“Give him permission, but set our own recon on him,” said Vader. “Send our best commandos.”

Dylan bowed. “Yes, My Lord.”

Vader turned away from him and made his way to the exit. “You are dismissed, Admiral.”
************************************************** *********************
“The Admiral has given me his permission, Mystery Man,” said Xizor to the hologram in front of him. “No doubt Vader has his own surveillance on me now. You had better pay what I asked.”

“Don’t worry, Prince,” said the man. He wore a thick cloak with a hood that covered the top half of his face, but Xizor could make out a neat beard from under the shadows. The man’s voice was raspy, almost like a synthesized voice. “As long as you hold up your end of the bargain, I’ll hold up mine.”

Idle curiosity overcame Xizor. “May I know why you require these services?” he asked.

“I am sorry, but no,” replied the figure. “And I beg your pardon, but I have to leave, I have some pressing business to attend to.”

Xizor nodded. “I hope we can do more business together.”

“So do I, Prince,” replied the figure and the holocomm faded.
************************************************** **********************
Darth Vader smiled under his helmet. Xizor was no fool, he admitted. He liked to have a challenging adversary in this type of thing, since he had none who wielded a lightsaber.

“Can your technicians put a trace on that call?” he asked the Officer operating the comm. signal regulators.

“We’ll try, My Lord. But it will take a lot of time.” Replied the Officer.

“I am in no hurry. Go ahead, officer,” replied Vader.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity. He was sitting in his chambers, meditating in the Dark Side, when the officer came to him.

“My Lord, the voice was scrambled through a filter, but we managed to crack it and get a positive voiceprint on the person.”

Vader smiled again.
************************************************** *********************
And so did Xizor, at the report of his aide. The Rebels were clever, yes; he would give them that, but not enough to match Xizor.

“Good work, officer,” said Xizor and sat, contemplating his next move.
************************************************** *********************
Across half the galaxy, on a world known as Yavin 4, a certain someone cut his transmission with Xizor. The same someone opened another channel to Admiral Dodonna. Five minutes later, he was out of the great Massassi spire and into the dense jungle, on his way to the Great Temple. A polished tube hung at his side inconspicuously, and his long, flowing cloak billowed out behind him. He pulled back his hood, and there, in the filtered sunlight of Yavin 4, was Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.

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