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The security cam’s automated systems were put on stand-by. Under manual control, its lens zoomed and swiveled to best capture the image.
The image of Darth Vader and the Emperor.

“What is thy bidding, my Master?” asked Vader, head down with respect.

“You will take the new fleet and capture Chandrila,” the Emperor replied. No niceties there, as usual. The Emperor was known for his to-the-point attitude. Even with his pet, Vader.

“Yes, My Master”
************************************************** *********************
For once, Dylan was wrong. And for once, being wrong was a good thing. He has confidently said to Dodonna that in two months, the Imperial fleet would double. Well, it only took the massive factories of Kuat half that time to make the ships.
It was one month after Dodonna was threatened away from Kuat space. The Imperial fleet had increased at an alarming pace and there was nothing that could stand against it. No doubt the Rebels must have worried themselves silly trying to figure out which planet the Imperials were going to attack next. Dylan had scrapped the attack plan that the Rebels had managed to steal and was targeting planets at random; useful planets that is.
On receiving orders from Vader to attack Chandrila, he felt a new surge of excitement, something he had not felt in a long time.
************************************************** *********************
*This is too easy,* thought Dylan, as his TIE Bombers eradicated opposition and the drop-off shuttles transported groups of Stormtroopers to the surface to strengthen the hold. He was lounging in his chair when a transmission came through.

“…der att……need hel……possible,” was all he heard.

“Where did that come from?” he demanded.

The tech worked a few keys and replied, “Kuat, sir.”

Dylan felt his exhilaration draining from him to be replaced by a feeling of utmost dread. He sincerely hoped that what he thought had happened had not happened.

Call back the fighters and set a course back to Kuat,” said Dylan.

The tech gave the signal and 15 minutes late, when all the fighters were in the hangars, the Imperial fleet jumped back into hyperspace
************************************************** *********************
The planet looked peaceful enough, no Rebel capital ships, just as he had hoped. But there was something that did not feel right to him. Like the full contingent of Star Destroyers waiting right in front of them. Dylan had never ordered them to stand guard. And the warships were aligned in a way Dylan had never seen before. That wasn’t an Imperial Academy position.

“What’s going on?” Dylan heard a voice behind him. He turned to reply.

“My Lord, we received a distress transmission from Kuat while we were above Chandrila,” explained Dylan.

The Dark Lord remained silent. Dylan could not know for sure, but he was positive that Vader was searching the area with the mystic ‘Force’ that he commanded.
And sure enough, he was. He felt a powerful surge in the Force. His eyes jerked towards one of the Star Destroyers before them, and realized, it was time for another skirmish with his old Master.
************************************************** *********************
Obi Wan Kenobi stood in the bridge of the captured Imperial Star Destroyer. As soon as he had received Xizor’s transmission, he had taken his stolen Star Destroyer from the previous campaign and raided Kuat. The ground forces were easily disposed of, seeing that they were not expecting a full assault, not when the Imperial Fleet was at its maximum. Once in control, they had taken the Star Destroyers which were just finished and sent a false message to the fleet over Chandrila.

“Fire,” said Obi Wan casually through the comm. The 15 Star Destroyers under his command fired at the fleet in front of them in unison. In 10 seconds, the Star Destroyer behind Dylan’s exploded. The other warships tried to evade, but the Rebel-Destroyers were on them in no time. Dylan’s ship was under heavy fire for three of the the Rebel ships. Suddenly, just before it exploded, a Command-Level escape pod burst through and streaked for the surface of Kuat.
Obi wan went to the Hangar Bays of the upper level. The only personnel of the ship were those on the bridge and this place was resultantly deserted. He got into his shuttle and zoomed out toward the crash site of the escape pod. He had another chance to redeem his protégé. He would try his best to do so.

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