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As the Sith Lord appoached the pod where his apprentices were, he stopped at the sight of the Sith Hunters. He glanced back where the Jedi group had also stopped to see how the situation would evolve. Tepe walked forwards, passing the entrance to the podium and pressed a button on his wrist, calling for his guards. The guards from inside the podium let and surrounded their Lord, followed by the Sith Apprentices who had come out of curiosity towards what was happening. The Dark Lord stepped forwards, passing the guards and smirking at the Hunters. The jedi made an anxious move towards the group before Kyle and Luke stopped them.

"Welcome to the Republic Senate, Hunters. It seems the jedi are ready to break us up if we try to attack each others, so there's no point in starting aggressively. I came here for the same reason that you came here. To address the Republic" the Dark Lord said and watched as the Senate Guards approached to stop whatever was happening. However, the Jedi walked forth and stopped the guards and they themselves standing between the two. Luke approached Reibe and gave her the holodisc given to him by Tepe. Danera stood back, hand on blaster, watching the scene with quite some curiosity. He was especially intrigued by the armors the Sith and his guards wore. It was like from an ancient battlefield during the Hyperspace War or something like that

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