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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
I don't know who the main sig image creators are around here, but I would like to ask (very nicely) for somebody to do up a sig banner/pic for me. The thing is, I'd also need that image hosted somewhere, so if anyone is interested, just drop me a pm and we'll discuss it. It's nothing too elaborate, and I know what I want done. So pretty please with cream and sugar on top, someone drop me a line. Thanks in advance.
there are people with PB accounts.

I have made sigs for people on other forums and they usually just past the link I send them into thier sig.

and If I ever move images around I the people I've made them for.

I can't do some of the more advanced sigs yet but I'm consently improving my PS skills.

here is one of my better and newer sigs:

I probably spent 20 minutes just getting the pics BG's to blend in and another 10 minutes to get the text to look right

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