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Understanding flooded Riebe's eyes. "Strider, that's what's bugging you?" She laughed. Turning to Tepe, but also speaking to Strider, the other Sith and the bystanding Jedi, she said, "We are not Jedi. We are Sith Hunters. In training, we learned to give in to our anger, to let it control us. Then, we went to the Jedi and learned to let go of it. Finally, we became our own team and learned to control it."

Turning to face Strider, she said. "Anger is not weakness. Letting it control you is. If you can control your anger, if you can use it when you want to, not have it use you whenever, then you are a Sith Hunter." A slight look of pain flooded her face, but was quickly gone. Still addressing Strider, she grimaced.

"The Jedi have made you soft, Brother," she accused. "We both know you were not one to hesitate in interrogation. In that, I learned from you. Learn from me now. Remember what you were... what you are."

After a slight pause, she finished, "Sith Hunter."

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