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((Okay, here's my new post then: ))

Tepe looked at Riebe before sighing and shaking his head.
"Riebe, you have weakened if you could not feel the anger brewing inside your companion. I felt it all the way from halfway across the galaxy" the Lord said as a protocol droid walked over.
"Lord Tepe, Master Skywalker. The senate will now address the atter with the Sith Dominion. Chief-of-state Leia Organa-Solo will hear on the matter herself as theSupreme Commander of the New Republic Navy with Admiral Ackbar at her side" the droid said and Tepe bowed with Luke for the information. The Lord turned to the Hunters and smirked.
"I will deal with you later. I hope you will give me some challenge as the senators will not" Tepe said and left for their podium with the others. Four guards set themselves outside the podium entrance while the rest went onboard. as the other groups found their own pods, Leia opened the debate.

"Next matter: Should the Sith Dominion be recognized peacefully or be dealt with militaristically. We have the representatives of the Dominion right here today. Please welcome Lord Tepe and his apprentices. We also have the representatives of the Jedi Order here. Please also welcome Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn" Leia opened and the senate roard of applause, mostly because of the echo tht formed inside the chamber. Tepe stood up and walked to the controls. He detatched the podium and hovered it to the center to show he was open for questions and would not hide from the Senate in any way now that he had bothered to come all this way.

On the podium where the Sith Hunters were escorted to, Danera looked at the Sith Lord and chuckled.
"He's a showman more than a politician. I trust you could handle him on your own" he said and looked at Riebe with a smirk

((I decided to change the podiums into repulsor ones again. I think the repulsor podiums were way more cool than the ones that they should have by the time when this RP takes place))

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