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"Highly likely," Riebe agreed. She stepped out onto the podium with Strider at her side and the other Hunters trailing close behind. The Senate grew deathly silent as every single Senator and the Chief of State herself stared at the Hunters. For a moment at least, Tepe seemed forgotten. Then, a senator broke the silence.

"What are they doing here?" he demanded. And suddenly, an outpouring of outrage and fear at the Hunters' presence was heard. Desperately, Leia tried to restore order in the Senate, but all her attempts went unnoticed. After several chaotic seconds, Riebe's voice rose above the others, amplified by the Force.

"You will be silent! she thundered. And once more, the Senate fell into silence. Leia shot a grateful glance in the Hunter Leader's direction, but before Leia could even attempt to greet the Hunters, Riebe continued in a calmer tone.

"You are Senators," she said. "Act like adults and discuss this quietly and logically."

"Why should we trust logic when logic told us the Sith Hunters were friendly to the Jedi?" another senator demanded. The yells began again. This time, Riebe held up a hand for silence. Fearing some kind of Force attack, the Senate quieted.

"We did not betray the Jedi," Riebe informed them. The Senate was not convinced. Another senator stood.

"How can we trust these traitors?" she asked. "They have already proven themselves capable of destroying the Council."

"Capable, yes," Riebe agreed. "Did we do it? No."

"Where's the proof?" another senator demanded. "I request the Chief of State force the Sith Hunters to reveal solid proof that they were not responsible for the deaths of the Council."

"The proof lies with me," Luke said, keying his podium to float with those of the Sith and the Hunters. "Not long ago, Hunter Leader Riebe Sothe came to me on Ossus and let me search her mind. She tells the truth. She and her second in command, Strider Flamehart left the Council alive. The assassin was an unknown who introduced himself as an historian."

"Again, the proof lies within the mind," one of the senators protested. "Where we cannot see it."

"We are not here to discuss our potential treachery," Riebe snapped. "The discussion will move on. Now."

Still fearful of the Hunters, the Senate fell again into silence.

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