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Awesome! Some random thoughts as I flipped through the pictures:

Anyone else think Luke's body shape looks a lot like Frozone from "The Incredibles?"

I really like the design of the new Consortium units. They're anti-sleek, dirty, odd shapes, some really vicious-looking...I particularly like the way their factories belch smoke. Looks like some combination of ships from "Firefly," "Homeworld," "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident," and "Starcraft"--of course with a good deal of originality thrown in! The buildings seem to go back to C&C design roots. The space station and starship designs also seem to borrow from the models we saw in "X-Wing: Alliance."

Having bunkers is pretty awesome, too--and I love the variety of new buildable things we're seeing--sensor scramblers, plasma turrets, and that mythical repulsorlift jammer!

I love the decals of the Consortium ships.

Thrawn has 'boost weapons,' eh?

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