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"No Core Worlds have been diasturbed. The Sith Dominion claims only the planets that the Sith have a connection to such as the ancient Sith space which we have now conquered. The only exceptions are Kamino, Rothana and Naboo which were chosen because of their economical status. Our goal is to make the Sith Order recognized in a political way as a government instead of what the current thought is that it is an ordr full of bloodthirsty men and women who live to decieve. In my opinion, the honorable Sith Hunters are free to travel wherever they like or even try and kill me if they dem it necessary, but as a word of advice to you, Riebe and Strider; if I fall, there is a high chance of getting a bloodthirsty emperor in your hands. A new Palpatine even" Lord Tepe said and looked around the chamber. He turned to see his aprentices and then turned back to the senate.

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