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"Where were the Hunters when Palpatine rose to power?" one of the senators demanded, hands on her hips. "You, Flamehart. Weren't you off playing your own little games, pretending to be a mere mercenary while the Old Republic took its last few gasping breaths?"

"And your esteemed leader, if history has the records straight, joined Palpatine," another senator agreed. "You're all cowards!"

Riebe laughed, a sound which made the senators all the more on edge. "Make up your minds!" she exclaimed. "One minute, we've destroyed the Masters' Council on Coruscant, and the next we're cowards who duck and hide at the first sign of trouble!"

"Can you deny our accusations?" the first senator demanded.

"Yes," Riebe answered. "I did not join Palpatine. I played his game while secretly undermining some of his operations. Then, I left..."

"Into hiding again," a third senator joined in. Leia looked as if she wanted to say something, but nobody gave her the chance.

"When a dictator comes into power, you must realize that patience is important in overthrowing him," Riebe explained patiently, as if to a child.

"But you did nothing!" the senators screamed. "Twenty long years, you toyed with Palpatine and Vader. Twenty years you did almost nothing. If not for the Rebel Alliance and Jedi Master Skywalker, the New Republic would have never made it off the ground."

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