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Strider growled and replied in a thunderous tone, under which the Senators again cringed, "Do not question my resolve as a mercenary for hire when many of you Senators yourselves are easily persuaded by personal monetary gains to boost your own electoral popularity!"

He paused, then continued, the thunder still in his voice, though less severe, "Even the Jedi of that time admitted to being unsure of which side was really the right one to be on. I was no different - the only difference was I was being paid to fight for a certain side. When Order 66 was issued, my own assigned regiment turned on me as well as the leading Jedi, and I turned on my own employer."

A brave Senator then stood and spoke, "But you did flee again, just as your leader did."

"And so I ask you, Senator, if you knew that because you possessed an item that labelled you as a target to an entire army, would you not flee as well?" Strider shot back. The Senator briefly sat down, obviously not having thought of that fact.

"To rely on the Hunters to re-establish the New Republic would have been foolish. We were only so many then. Comparing us to the Rebel Alliance is foolishness. We could have removed the Emperor, yes, but you also have to realize the great lengths it would have taken for THREE people to strategize and organize such an attempt, and I say the word attempt, because although we do possess many strengths, we are not invincible, just very efficient," Strider concluded.

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