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"Do not place words in my mouth, insolent fool!" Strider suddenly shouted back, his voice louder than even Riebe had heard it before, his blue eyes penetratingly staring back at Tepe.

"I never once mentioned the Dominion as an Empire, I clearly spoke of the Old Republic and it's takeover by Palpatine, and why the Hunters did not act sooner, as everyone sasumes we could have," Strider growled.

Strider turned back to the Senate, "Why would he be here if he wanted to invade? The answer to that is simple. He could easily be merely wasting our time debating, as the Senate always takes so much time to do, as he knows very well also. If he can trust leaders to work under his Dominion without positioning his own representative in their place, then he can easily entrust his armies to his generals to do his work to bring more territories under his control while we sit here and debate," the Hunter stated.

"Regardless if you are like any other Sith, as Luke said himself, many Jedi are already corrupted by the Dark Side after the actions here at the Jedi Temple after the murder of the Council. You carefully devised this scheme to gain support. By creating hatred for the Hunters amongst the Jedi, you are encouraging the giving in to their emotions, thus turning the peacekeepers of the galaxies into Dark Jedi for your own cause!" Strider finally declared, his booming voice echoing within the Senate chambers.

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