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"You forget one thing, Tepe. Without the Jedi," Strider paused, looking over at Luke Skywalker briefly, before turning back to face Tepe, "I do not feel obligated to suppress my abilities," he finished.

Then, after that, he turned to the Senate. "Why would a Sith find a Hunter who was currently bound by the Order to be a threat to his "cause" and why would Tepe find the Council to be a "threat" to his rise if his methods are so, as he seems to believe, orthodox? The only reason the Council, or myself as a natural Sith Hunter, would have intervened with violence, is if he was really doing something that justified a violent response. Thus by seeing a previously retired Hunter and a Council whom wasn't even planning for an attack on him as a threat to his cause, there must be something he is hiding that we would have disapproved of, or draw negative attention to his actions," the Sith Hunter reasoned, smirking a little out of his corner at Tepe.

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