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There were things I liked and things I didnt. Lets start wit things I like:

It was darker
HK had more hilarious comments
It was longer
You were a wound in the Force, whateva that means
The plot was very interesting
Kreia talking in cryptic
We got to visit Korriban and Dxun, best planets, I love mandalorians
More force powers, feats etc.

Things I hate:
The ending.What the hell?
No proper romances
The cut content, no HK factory, cut out planet etc.
The glitch that ruined the entire experiance, on Nar Shadaa, When those guys take ova your ship, you do that and you get a message from the Exchange bout meeting you, this neva happened, thus making my game unwillable.
The Genoharadan. On Nar Shadaa they were supposed to hunt you, but it got cut.
And more

Overall, the cons outweighed the pros, ultimately making me get rid of the game.

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