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Originally Posted by Lit Ridl
It may sounds really stupid...
May you release source code of your TSLpatcher, please???
No, that's too embarrassing. When I started writing the TSLPatcher and its support tool I hadn't written a line of code in 4 years, so it's an understatement to say my programming and design skills were rusty. And I didn't do much design or make it scaleable since it originally only was meant as a small app to install my high level force powers mod. But it has grown beyond anything I originally imagined for it since, and I've been too lazy to rewrite it from scratch by the book instead.

The end result is that the code is one big tangled mess without much in the way of design or over-arching structure. Not pretty. Not something you'd want on display and let others have a look it if you can help it.

Besides, it's written in Delphi7 (as evidenced by the bloated EXE size), so the source code would be of little use to anyone who don't have that RAD environment (which is hideously expensive if you don't get a student discount).

What would you want it for?
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