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Originally Posted by Valter
I noticed the Arc Hammer is featured in the screenshot list. Will the Arc Hammer be formidable in space, similar to star destroyers. Or does it have low firepower, like interdictors.

Better yet, can you divulge information regarding the hardpoints of the Arc Hammer?
I found this in the Chat Transcript:

What is ARC Hammer's weapons, how does it produce Dark Troopers, and will it need Kuat or Mon Cal?
Arc Hammer has a few hard point of the usual type (turbolasers, concussion missiles, etc) and has fighter garrisons, but it is mostly a factory ship. As long as it is in orbit, Dark Troopers will appear on your production menu. It is a hero unit, so it spawns rather than being built.

Originally Posted by Darth Andrew
Does anyone know what the Imperial Lancet is?
It's clearly an Imperial air unit for use in ground combat, capable of attacking ground units. Other than that I don't know; it looks like it's one of Petroglyph's "homegrown" units. It looks good, too.

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