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Riebe nodded. "There will be a war," she answered softly. Then, raising her voice, she addressed Tepe.

"It matters little now if we use our full power or not," she said. "The trust of the Jedi has already been lost... save for a select few." She glanced over at Luke and Kyle. "For this reason, I no longer care what the Jedi think of me."

Luke looked mildly shocked at this statement, but said nothing. But the Senate had heard enough.

"The Sith Hunters are no longer for us," a senator said. "The Sith demand star systems. We cannot let this go unchallenged."

A roar of approval rose throughout the Senate. Leia looked to Luke, hoping for some encouraging words, but his eyes were closed, deep in thought. She looked to the Sith Hunters, but Riebe had her back turned to the Senate and the others were gathered around her.

"It is to be war," she told them. "And though the New Republic as a whole fears us, we are their best line of defense. Why? Because we do not merely defend, like the Jedi will be doing. We will be hunting, as the Sith Hunters used to do. Dark Jedi, Dominion troops, and the Sith themselves will be our targets."

She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, a hint of anger could be seen. "Time to go."

The Sith Hunters' podium drifted back to its docking station and they stepped out. Luke, Kyle, and Leia watched them go, each one feeling as if they'd lost the chance to work with some of the most fearsome warriors in the galaxy.

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