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Originally Posted by Lit Ridl
I want to translate it to Russian, German and French. That is all.
Hmm, I could try to put all the text strings in the TSLPatcher into a resource file instead, that might make translating it a bit easier, if there aren't any other changes than the language required for different locales.

Originally Posted by Lit Ridl
And one bug: sometimes, especially when I use non-English languages, it gives me error (it don't want to create backup folder, so I have to do it sometimes.).
Hmm, if this just happened in recent versions and you haven't downloaded v1.2.8b4 that could be a bug not related to language. hen I moved the sequence things were made so the InstallList part happened earlier I forgot to move the part where the Backup folder was created as well, which would result in an error similar to what you describe.

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