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"So the Senate has decided to stand against me. So it will be then. Only in the Republic. The senate has not changed at all since the days of the Old Republic. I shall leave then" the Dark Lord said and the podium docked back in it's place. The Sith left towards their transport as the senate was left to think what they had just done to themselves. As they got near to the hangar, the senate guars hurried to caprute the Sith with some Coruscant guards and Republic soldiers. This would be the test of approval for the Dominion guards and so it was that when the guards eventually managed to shout out the "Freeze! You're under arrest!" the Guards drew their capes away, revealing personal Repeaters and so starting the First Skirmish of Corsucant. The Republic soldiers were slaughtered as the were unprepared for such a response from the Sith. Tepe drew his lightsaber as they entered their transport and killed the guards before ordering two of the guards to get the thing back to their ship. Meanwhile the Dark Lord would contact the ship to get everything ready and prepare for Coruscant guards to appear in attempt to arrest the Dominion personnel.

It would indeed be so that the Coruscant guards were beore the Sith on the landing platform. Needless to say that before they could even full stop, the burning wreck of their transports would be crashing down to the lower levels of the city. As the Sith arrived, the ship was ready to go and opened it's ramp for their Lords and Lady to enter with their guards. The I-BEAMs wee swiftly manned and all the ships took off towards the Dominion capital world of Tibrin while the Grand Admiral and all the Generals were notified of this change in plans. The Republic would hurry to assemble their fleets for attack or defence, but the Dominion fleets and armies were already in full alert.

"So the war begins... The Rise of the Sith Dominion has ended. Now is the time for the Dark Age of the New Republic. You will come with me to Tibrin where we must brief our Generals and Admirals. After that I will assign certain areas on the Galactic Map for you to conquer and rule. Ossus will still be unreachable to you and all attacks on worlds beyond your designated areas must go throught me" the Dark Lord said and sat down. He closed hsi eyes and bowed his head down while his fists went to his mouth nervously. HE fell into his own deep thoughts as the ship made the jump to hyperspace.


As the Sith Hunters left back to their ship Danera followed as his ship was with theirs.
"I hope you understand what you might've just done. There is a high chance of the Republic falling if a war blows it too hard. And if the Imperial Remnants see an opportunity in getting themselves more worlds, you never know what they might do" he said as he hurried next to Riebe.

((This part of the RP is closing. The last posts should be made before I make a new thread for the second part. It will jump time a couple of years with the war in a mexican standoff. Those who have not been able to keep up with the plot, PM me and I'll fill you in. The story in the subforum will also be a good resource of information on the two skipped years when I get to that part ))

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