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K'nala watched Vanir kill the last of the guards who desided to attack him, She decided she's stay back as the two mercenaries could obviously handle the situation. "Now we should go before the Hutt hears of our arrival, if he hasn't already."

K'Nala Led the way up some steps towards the Hutt's audiance chamber, on arrival at the door two gamoreans stood outside as doorman. K'Nala simply held out both her hands raised them causing the two gomoreans to float off the ground. She then twisted her hands around and clenched her fist causing the Gamorean's Bodies to seeminly be crushed. She then released them and allowed them to fall on the floor. Using the Force once again she pushed open the doors Revealing the Hutt lying on a bed surrounded by seven guards of various species. "Take it away boys, but we need the Hutt alive."
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