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Chapter III - Rise, Lord Tepe

It had begun. The newly founded Sith Dominion broke free from the Republic with the few world it had. However, it was not long afterwards that the Sith Lord made himself known in the senate by starting the mobilization of his armies. With the aid of his apprentice, Kaoin, worlds fell after another under his grasp. His presence had indeed been noted and the Jedi Order had started squirming a bit as the Dark power grew under their watchful eyes and they could do nothing about it because of bureucracy. Then the call came. An invitation from the Sith Lord for peace talks between the two factions. Many senators were sent but none of them would speak while the Sith Hunters were there, as the Republic trusted the seemingly immortal Hunters.

As the shuttle landed, a pair of Dark Jedi greeted them with protection from the ravenous creatures created by Sith Alchemy for the guarding of the Lord's Palace, even if that would ot be the story heard by the group sent by the Republic. As they entered the office of the Dark Lord, the man behind the desk semed not to be nothing more than a harmless politician ready for a talk with the men and women. It would indeed not be so as the Sith Hunters were there to make sure the Republic wouldn't be decieved.

"Welcome, my guests! Please, take a seat and we shall talk. It's good to meet some of you again after years of absence from our local cantinas. You look no older than you were back then while I am being mutated by my powers" the host said and smiled kindly before sitting down himself on a large chair behind the desk. So started the first talks between the two factions

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