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Global Warming

In response to this post in the Dubya in 50 years-thread:
[...]As for global warming, I'm really not taking it seriously.
Big mistake.

So there's a hole in the ozone layer. So what?

One scientist I've read says that it's been expanding and contracting on its own for as long as anyone could observe it. Another might say it's growing and it's our fault. Who's to say which scientist is right?
I don't know if global warming and the holes in the ozone layer have much to do with one another, to be honest. Last time I checked, it was the massive amount of Co2 emissions.

In any case, what does it matter? So maybe it gets really cold. So maybe we have to dress a hell of a lot warmer to survive. So what?
Yeah, indeed, who cares?

Maybe the victims of extreme weather caused by global warming?
The hundreds of thousands killed by the Sri Lankan tsunami?
The people who lost their homes when New Orleans was flooded?
The 3000 people who died in the last heat wave in France?

Granted, not all of these catastrophes are necessarily caused by global warming. But it is a fact that global warming is contributing to an increased number of disasters worldwide.

Weather and temperatures are being turned upside-down.

Rapid global warming is real. That it's caused by humans is a fact proven beyond all doubt, and that it's a threat to humanity is a second fact. It needs to be dealt with.

The IPCC on Global Warming.

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