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Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Global warming is happening. But to say that a human cause (anthropogenic) is "proven beyond all doubt" simply isn't true.

There is evidence that climate change is exhibiting an overall warming trend. There is ample evidence that this trend will have serious problems for humanity as well as other animals and plants on the planet.

The evidence for anthropogenic causes may simply be coincidental. There is a good correlation between CO2 emissions and overall warming, but there is also evidence that a warming climate as we continue to come out of the last 'ice age' is normal.

The crowd that says global warming is the fault of man may be jumping the gun; but the crowd that denies it is occurring is simply not looking at the evidence. Reality lies somewhere in the middle, with man as a very likely contributor to a trend that should be expected anyway.
It seem to me, SkinWalker that you are depending on the use of Occum's razor.
Your uncertainty is inferring that you are going for the most simple explanation concerning Global Warming.
You observe people reactions to the topic in the world, they seem to allow their fears and emotions controlling their reasonsing, that is what your reactions has inferred to me.

The physics of Global Warming is highly complex and difficult to calculate.
The use of the mathematics branch of partial differential equations, who calculations lead close to bordering on the nonlinear differential equations of Chaos Theory, for the accurate depiction of the physics of Earth's atomosphere.

Of course there will be some doubt and uncertainty brought into the argument.

But there is so much damning evidence, that people who have doubt or are uncertain, just will not be convince.
So, I am bordering close to giving up on that task.

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