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Tysy, if I may make a point, it wasn't really Palpatine's clones that masterminded Operation Shadow Hand. His spirit actually possessed them - he had the very same mind, except it came in different bodies. This is shown when Han shoots one of the clones in the back and Palpatine's spirit comes out.


Irritation flashed across Devon's mind. People would not simply ingore him like an information droid! And the irritation in itself was irritating, since emotions could disrupt his meditations. Especially ones that had to be sent back through time.

She had fled into the temple. So what? The Dark Lord didn't care where she was. His mind could be everywhere. It might've been best if she had remained outside, since people communicating through their minds often looked like they were in a coma to others.

He entered her head again, but still did it with enough care as to not cause any pain. The way he did it almost said I'm still being polite. Why aren't you?

He sent the vision of the shadowy figure to her again. I demmand you to listen!

Will you or will you not condemn a galaxy's worth of innocents to death?

This is the third time I have asked you this question. Why do you not answer me?

Young people were so impolite these days. No, young people had been impolite in all days.

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We will be great failures one day, you and I

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