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Oh, no. No. It couldn't be! I thought I was safe here, thought Tysy,
in the Temple, where the Jedi are on round-the-clock patrol. You're still
in my head, in my mind, and since you crave an answer, I'll render it.
slumped cross-legged in her private quarters, meager though they were.

"Of course I'd never condemn innocents to death," whispered
the Padawan, "especially quadrillions of quintillions of them! Do
you believe I have such a dark drive in me, such a motivation
that I would? However, I fail to see how turning toward the Dark
Side could save them. How many living beings would I have to kill
to establish order throughout the galaxy? One? Two? A hundred?
A thousand? Too many for me, because I've never killed. The Jedi
Order would have me quickly banished if I ever committed murder.

"And don't Sith lie? You may have told the truth when you said Grand
Master Skywalker was once an apprentice of the reborn Emperor. If
I become your apprentice, how can I be sure you won't start spinning
untruths to sway me further to the Dark Side? I only wish to serve the
galaxy, and to save it if I can. Two more questions, if you'll permit me...

"What of Lumiya? I have heard rumors of the return of the Dark Lady. True?

"Also, if you are true to me, send me a vision of Traya. What would she
say? I've always wondered about her, this creature who knew the hidden
nature of betrayal. What would she think of my defection from the Order?"
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