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Today AoSW Mod Team has released one of there proudest things to the public, a Mini Mod/ Base Release of AoSW: JCW! THATS RIGHT! GO CRAZY! FIND IT HERE!

The demo will never be produced, instead we will release parts of the mod every 1-2 weeks. In this weeks release:

Bastila Shan - Ground unit - Hero Unit
Sith Fighter - Space Unit - Fighter

Republic Fighter - Space Unit - Fighter

Hammer Head Cruiser - Space Unit - Frigate

Sith Levithan - Space Unit - Capitol Ship

Sith Trooper

Republic Bomber

KNOWN BUG: there was one little bug that we have had issues with in our alpha for a very long time, the republic bomber icon is the y wing icon in battle even though the y-wing icon is no where in the code. so next release we will patch it, and include more units! --- Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil war --- Official website
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