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Excellent, purred Devon. I am glad you would not murder innocents.

He paused. Then turn to the dark side or remain true to the light, it truly doesn't matter that much. All I want is an apprentice. An heir. Perhaps you do not realize the gravity of this situation.

I rule an empire that spans from the heart of the Deep Core to the start of the Intergalactic Void. I formed it in mere years, and made it a greater civilization than the Old Republic within a decade.

But all is not well. No leader lives forever, and I am dying. I have no heir. Once I pass on, the throne will lie empty. Other Sith Lords, generals and admirals in my military, high-ranking officials and avisors - they'll all be at each other's throats to lay claim to it. There will be civil war the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. And in the process of trying to rule my empire, they will destroy it.

That is why I need an apprentice. An heir. Someone who I can train in the ways of the Force - and at this point, I don't care whether it's the light or the dark - to become the next Emperor. Or in your case, Empress. Someone powerful enough who can rule without any dispute.

And killing? If you start your training under me now, you might not even need to. My subservients hate me, but would never even think of challenging me. If you become powerful enough, no one will challenge you.

The Jedi Order, the Sith Empire - it doesn't matter. All that matters is that order be preserved. And any Jedi would consider it a noble deed to prevent war on a galactic scale.

You cannot refuse me. Ignore my visions, pretend I'm just a bad dream - you'll condemn all those people to death!

There is no middle ground in this. You may either save the galaxy as my heir, or you may doom it for millenia as a good little Jedi. I can take you to the future at any time once you choose to do the right thing.

"That'll give her food for thought." Devon muttered to himself.

Ah yes, your last two questions. He remembered. That pretender has returned. But her fate matters not, for if you choose to save all those innocents, you will never even hear of her.

And Traya? I can do better than a vision. Her holocron is mere feet away from me. I can give it to you right now, if you want.

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We will be great failures one day, you and I

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