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A holocron of Darth Traya? wondered Dvukh. Can such a thing still
exist after four thousand years? I would like to see it,
she replied to the
Force presence, and learn her teachings. Perhaps holocron technology
has developed to such a point that the lesser Jedi Masters would not
recognize it as a Sith artifact. Grand Master Luke might, but I don't wish
to show it to him and trouble him. Perhaps you know what's happening.

If not, let me explain. After the Yuuzhan Vong War, Coruscant and
other planets formed a new cabal called the Galactic Alliance. At first,
under Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon, peace and prosperity began
to return to the galaxy. However, Corellia, a fiercely independent planet,
started saying it wanted its autonomy while still receiving the benefits
that the Galactic Alliance offered. This is unfair, and very puzzling.

Now terrorists of Corellian descent living on Coruscant are attacking
their adoptive homeworld. I don't understand. If Corellia only wished
for independence, why wouldn't she secede from the Galactic Alliance
peacefully? We're at war now, escalating war, though it's only begun.

Let me see the holocron of Traya. I wish to know what she would do.
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