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JKLE a new clan

Jedi Knight Legendary Extremists

The Jedi Knight Legendary Extremists or JKLE for short are a group of old time Jedi Knight and MOTS Players, all of our clan members have been playing Jedi Knight since 1997. We are a recent clan and we are mostly based in Mysteries Of The Sith. Every weekend we host a dedicated Mysteries Of The Sith server for our clan and other members of the MOTS community. We also host fun events like a monthly JKPONG tourney or JKCHESS tourney. Currently our clan consists of

JKLE_Nick[LSF] - RED Soldier in Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter in MOTS
JKLE_Kurgan - GREEN Soldier in Jedi Knight, Jedi in MOTS
JKLE_Ross - ORANGE Soldier in Jedi Knight, Soldier in MOTS
JKLE_Cougar - BLUE Soldier in Jedi Knight, Scout in MOTS

We do not have a website, but instead all meet in this topic and on AIM

(JKLE) Schedule For October 2006

*Every weekend - Dedicated MOTS Server hosted by JKLE_Kurgan, The IP is, everyone is welcome

*Saturday October 18th - First Annual "JKLE Pong Tourney" in which our members will duke it out in JKPONG, which is a pong level for Jedi Knight

*Saturday October 28th - First Annual "JKLE Chess Tourney" in which our members will battle it out in JKCHESS, which is a chess level for Jedi Knight

-Subject To Change

Contact xMasterKatarnx on AIM for clan info, games and joining information

JKLE one of the last active JK and MotS clans out there
Legends return one last time
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