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@Nihilus, once Jae starts to post some chapters they'll probably get longer.


Sleep was perfect for Devon to communicate through. It was such an unreal and shadowy place. Far less effort was required on the speaker's part to communicate through time when the listener wasn't so attached to the more physical aspects of the universe.

The Dark Lord appeared in his future apprentice's dream, and calmly swept it aside. He turned it into a realm of grey fog, and appeared as a dark figure concealed by mists. Although his shape had the outline of a male humaoid, nothing else was revealed.

And then Tysy. Her future undecided, she appeared as a small outline of black and white. His form towered over like a starship. It wasn't the most realistic portrayal, but small things like that helped the Dark Lord emphasize his power.

Devon spoke not a word, but reached into the shadows that made up his body. Out of it he pulled one of his most prized holocrons, and held it in front her.

It was shaped like a pyramid, and glowed an eery red. It was obvious evil resided within this artifact. It was practically dripping with the dark side as he held it out. Faint whispers could almost be heard from it, echoing of malice. It paracticallt radiated malevolent power.

Go on, take it. You asked for it, murmured Devon.

Though only a dream, it was a chilling one.

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