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Originally Posted by ValeriePF
Back when the Camp Whispering Rock RPG was still going, I described what I envisioned Loboto's mind to look like. 'Twas a tiny dentist's office on a rather dangerous cliff overlooking a city in a sort of crater, and the city was constantly ravaged by tanks. Meanwhile, little floating teacups moved brains towards the office in a sort of conveyer belt fashion. It was so awesome. ;_; If I had any drawing talent left, I'd sketch it out.

Then the forum died. Ugh.

(I still stand by his sanity being lost due to psitanium, dagnabbit.)
What?! The Camp Whispering Rock RPG died!!!??? *falls to her knees* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *sniffs* I didn't even get a chance to join....
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