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Hacking / Glitching in DS Server Yesterday

OK - I am really frustrated. I was on a DM server yesterday (dang I didn't write down the name - it was something like "DS_Delta<something>").

One player was using a "Super Grenade" as he called it. He was playing with the nym " ' " (just an apostrophe for his name) .

When he threw this grenade it looked a lot like a wookie rocket leaving his hand - it left a trail of fire and then exploded just like a rocket. There was no surviving if you were anywhere near this thing.

I thought SWRC was pretty immune to hacks (esp client-side hacks). Does anyone have knowledge of this "Super Grenade". Is it a server-side issue or a client-side hack or a glitch exploit?

I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT - I just want to know if it is server side, I will avoid this particular server in the future. (There was other *obvious* hacking going on in this DM game, so I'm thinking it was an inside group with knowledge of some server hooks that were opened up)

Thanks. Have fun, blow up stuff.

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