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Game shuts down...

Hi, guys!
I have a pretty...bad problem. I'm playing Sam and Max with Scumm VM cause without, i wouldn't have sound. My System is Win98SE. I can play regulary, everything's perfect. But when I am in this one restaurant, where I get the keys for the toilette(geniously gag...don't you have toilette paper ), and go out to say Sam we shall take the key with us, the ScummVM Command Box opens and says something with sounds...or so...I have made a screenshot:

I can type in whatever I want( restart, quit, exit, continue), but ScummVM shuts down. I think the key is important, so I can't imagine I can ignore this item...I tried the two other restaurants, too, but same problem. I forgot to say I have the german text-only version( except from the intro until now, there was sound...). I too have shut the sound off in the ScummVM options, but no change. When I tried "just-hit-the-exe-file", where no sound is, it worked... But first, i want sound in the game and second, I don't want to redo everything. I also tried to use my ScummVM savegame in the not-sound version, but didn't work... I also have downloaded the updated exe, but didnt help. I also used this directory with the updated file in ScummVM, nothing. But I didn't deleted the old exe, so maybe this works...ah yes, when I want to open the updated file, I immediately get a error message. I couldn't delete the old exe, says it is write-protected. But it isn't , I think. And I too didn't use it at the moment.

Maybe you can help!
If I better put the question in a ScummVM Forum, I will do so.

Fare thee well,
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