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I think my fanfiction is way Psychonauts enough (at least in this chapter) to post here. I don't know, you guys read and tell me. ^_^

This is a dream/flashback chapter, so main character names arn't mentioned (but are obvious for those who have played the respective games), although some minor characters are. Don't worry, it focuses on Psychonauts here. Crispin WILL come back later, and you'll get to find out some things that may be bothering you about him after you finished reading chapter one, you'll just have to wait a while..

Title: The Meaning of Sanity (pending title)
Chapter: 1/? (prologue)
Pairing: Ari/Marlene, Raz/Lili, and maybe others but none are suprising
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Hints of some Okage spoilers, but most of this is made up
Summary: This chapter is a opening regarding an event that happened in the past lives of the main characters (for those who havn't read yet, I wont give away names since I removed them for V2). The main male character (for this chapter) is being forced to become a dentist by his father, who wants him to run the family dentistry when he graduates medical school. However, he is hardly interested and wants to become a neurosurgon. (but he is too nice to stand up to his dad) One day he is late picking up his younger sister from school due to problems with the bus he rides back there, and something unforunate happens due to a medical problem the girl has.'

Horrible at summaries, I know.

Chapter One (Prologue): The Day Everyone Forgot

My first crossover, I hope it flows well. :3

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