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Chapter 1: Touchdown at Crysm

“All right. We’re here. Get ready, boys!” Capt. Wefive announced as the gunship lowered itself further down, navigating excellently through the spires and mountains. Capt. Wefive put on his helmet and secured it and loaded his gun. Light flooded the dark ship as the doors of the gunship slid open. Wefive got up and looked out at the mountainous world. Hues of red and maroon filled the atmosphere. It was just after dawn, and the skies were clear. A bright sun shone, rising to greet the lifeless world.

“Reminds me of Geonosis…” a trooper uttered, gazing out. “You have been there?” another asked.

“Not pretty. Was there in one of the later battles. The natives are worse than the droids.”

On the other door was Seliqa Camman, a Jedi Knight known for her excellent lightsaber abilities. She was a human, tan, with sharp brown eyes and shoulder-length jet-black hair. Her dark red robes fluttered wildly, but her gaze was fixed on the landscape. At her belt dangled a special, bronze hilt. It was five inches long and it’s blade orange.

“Base in sight!” she announced, looking at a makeshift base, teeming with clones and vehicles. “Captain, where are the caves?”

“Two miles past the base, in a canyon range.” He yelled. “Not many crystals for your saber.” Another trooper added, who was attacked by a sharp glare from Camman.

The ship came to a sudden halt at the base, lowering itself for better dismounting. The Jedi and other troopers stepped out and assembled. Seliqa walked beside the Captain. Capt. Wefive assembled his squad and stepped face to face with the Commander. The Commander surveyed the squad. They were ten in all, with the captain and Seliqa. He turned to a lieutenant. “Alert Magenta that White Squad is here.” He commanded. The lieutenant nodded and scurried away to the comm. tent.

“Captain W-E5S, your mission is to eliminate Separatist forces in the caves two miles south-east of base. You have the co-ordinates.” The commander then switched a holographic device that would give a visual representation of the plan. “The Separatist bases on the planet surface were wiped out by Shark, Black, Vase and Wedge platoons. We have sent several squads to eliminate droids in caves and mountains. Progress is going well, but we have lost communication with a few squads. We also have Commando teams here. Alright, Captain, your objective is to infiltrate these caves, here. The caves are natural, but the entrances were carved out by Separatists. Expect low resistance at the entrances. The exit, is at a small dock, jutting out of the canyon, here. Infiltrate through this entrance and clear. We have map that we received from Magenta recon squad. They will provide sniper support as necessary. Both the map and comm. connection to Magenta will be transmitted to you. Questions?”

“No sir!” the squad replied in unison.

“Then prepare yourselves. Watch your steps and good luck.” The Commander turned and proceeded to another section of the base.

Captain W-E5S called up the squad about ten standard minutes later, with the Commanders holo device. “All right, then, troops. I have discussed the plan with Commander SOY-34, we have clearance to use detonator bombs. Hope that makes you AA guys happy. OK, the map is divided into two parts. There are two chasms and the line dividing these two parts lies right between these chasms. We have a bridge connecting one chasm, we have to knock it out. The other side is covered by Magenta. The middle is where most of the Separatists are holed up. It has the canyon exit, and a jamming device. We have air support, so they can’t run from there. It’s a shootout!”

“We need to be careful, nevertheless.” Seliqa added. “They may be droids, but they’re smart. I sense a trap. Stay on your toes.”

The squad echoed in acknowledgment.

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