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Chapter 3: Order 66

Two miles away, Commander Soy was inspecting the area map. Crysm was a very rough and jagged planet, with hardly any plains. The caves Captain Wefive had ventured into were connected to a dock, jutting out of a canyon. Clone starfighters were already patrolling the canyon, as were gunships and infantry units. His activity was disrupted by a clone sergeant. “Sir, you have a holocom message from Coruscant. It’s a group message to multiple commanders. It’s waiting in the comm. building, sir.”
Commander Soy entered the comm. building, which was more like a half-tent-half-cave dug into a rock face. Inside were several terminals for communication, voice and holo. With their fearless leader in the tent, the clones immediately made preparations. One of the clones placed a life-size-image holo projector in the middle of the tent. The Commander nodded and there was an exchange of nods. Soon, one of the clones pressed a button and the projector flickered to life.
It was the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Chancellor Palpatine. However, he wasn’t in his well-dressed, charismatic form. He was in a dark, hooded cloak, which almost covered his eyes. His face, whatever of it was visible was pale, heavily wrinkled and his voice was slow, cracking and ominous.
“Commander, the time has arrived. As expected, the treacherous Jedi have betrayed me. It is time to finish them. Execute Order 66.”
With that, the message crackled in static and finished. There was silence in the room. Not one soul stirred. A trooper silently marched ahead and put the holo projector back. The Commander sighed. “Well, you heard him. Alert all squads, especially White and Magenta. The Jedi’s got to go.”
There was a series of nods as the troopers got back to work. The Commander walked out. There was a new enemy for him besides the droids. Jedi.

Meanwhile, Captain Wefive was at the second charm. Across the chasm was the sniper squad Magenta, consisting of three snipers and two troopers. There were hardly visible as the chasm itself was some two hundred meters wide. Seliqa was at the edge of the chasm, peering down. A trooper came by her side, his blaster in a more casual stance, “General, we still need to find the jamming device. We’re trying to receive this message that’s come from the base. Captain thinks it’s near the chamber we found.”
“With good reason.” Answered Seliqa, “The droids would only rush there together to protect something. There shouldn’t be any more droids, though, just supplies and the device we’re all looking for.”

Soon enough, Seliqa sensed the stash. It was hidden behind a section of spires, near the chamber. It had nothing but a stash of ammunition and an entrance to an underground cave, with a small jamming device. The device was about four feet tall and was scrambling communication within fifty meters of itself. With the help of the Anti-Armour team, Seliqa and her squad destroyed it. By the time the team crawled up, however, Commander had received Order 66. As the team regrouped for further orders, Captain’s comlink suddenly crackled to life.
“Captain Wefive. Order 66 is now active. Repeat, Execute Order 66. Report to base after execution. Base out.”
The entire team heard it, save Seliqa. The squad now had direct orders to eliminate Seliqa Camman or any other Jedi. Captain Wefive was an ARC trooper. He knew it was the wrong decision. “All, don’t fire!” he called out on his comlink. The clones were caught by surprised. Dropping their guns to a standby position, they turned to Captain, waiting a reasonable explanation. Captain backed away. Suddenly, loud blasters echoes in the cavern. It was magenta shooting from the other end of the chasm.
Within a split second, Wefive dived, taking down Camman with him. “Go, go! They’re out for you!” he urged and got up. White Squad got the message. Aiming their guns, they fired away, lighting up the cavern with blue lasers. Seliqa’s saber ignited and deflected a number of shots, but the lasers were too much. Wefive loaded a frag grenade into his launcher and shot his squad, delaying the blaster fire. There were few casualties, but neither Wefive nor Seliqa felt like waiting to count. With sniper fire echoing in their ears, they set off at high speeds, through the spires towards the dock. Seliqa slowly distanced herself from Wefive, but continued to follow him
“Where are we going?” she yelled.
“There’s an exit here! A landing dock. There were some speeders there.”
“We won’t get anywhere! The entire planet belongs to clones! They’ll kill us! What’s happened?”
“Order 66. The Supreme Chancellor commanded it, to kill all Jedi when they would betray the Republic!”
“The Jedi have not betrayed the Republic!”
“No, but the chancellor is insane. He has been talking of plans of an empire and telling us to keep shut!”
“That’s crazy!”
Seliqa dodged another sniper shot and dived for cover. The exit door wasn’t too far now. Captain waited a while to catch his breath. He switched on his comlink to base.
“Base, White here. Seliqa Camman is eliminated. Repeat, Order 66 is over. We’re heading to base now! White out.”
Seliqa got up and ignited her saber.
“It’s to put them off our tails.”
“And how do I know you won’t turn on me?”
“Trust me. I know the chancellor is crazy. I’ve always thought I’d be somewhere else when he gives the order, hell, I didn’t even think he would pass it. I’m an ARC, you have to believe me!”
“I believed the clones. They betrayed me.”
“You Jedi are too moody. Look, I’m doing this for your own good. You can slice me down if you wish, but I can get you further…”
“Let’s go.”

With that, she resumed her run, followed by Captain Wefive from behind. A hundred questions rushed within her mind, but those would have to wait, for now her only goal was to escape Crysm alive.

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