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Chapter 6: Breaking through the Storm

Captain Wefive kicked the dust at his feet, as he waited for Lieutenant HF-32K to escort him to the LAAT Gunship waiting for him in the hangar. Beside were four troopers, standing guard. The Captain was stripped of any and all weaponry and personal shields. He now stood alone in his armour, his dysfunctional helmet in his hands. Command had switched off his helmet completely, so as to prevent him from contacting any accomplices. As the lieutenant walked into the hangar, the Gunship began humming and rose, it’s repulsorlift repelling the dust near the Gunship. The lieutenant got onto the Gunship, talking to someone on his comlink. Two troopers embarked the gunship and the other two poked their guns at the infidel Captain. The latter got onto the ship, tossing his helmet to a stash of ammo and weaponry. With the Captain on board, the last troopers boarded the gunship and the lieutenant signaled the pilot to start the engines.
The pilot replied an affirmative and got to working on the controls, but seconds past and the satisfactory blast and humming of the engines never appeared. After a minute the Lieutenant ran out of patience. “Pilot, anything wrong?” he asked, trying to mask his temper.
The pilot answered after a while. “Sir, this bird took some hits when arriving. The last pilot on duty probably didn’t report the engine damage to the technicians. We’ll have to get this fixed. Will take time, sir.”
The Lieutenant sighed and looked at Captain W-E5S. “Well, sir, we’ll have to pick up a new pair of wings.” With a flick of his wrist, he ordered his troopers to get off the LAAT. He initiated communication with base.

Meanwhile, Seliqa Camman lay on the medical bed, flat and hard. Her head rested on a pillow and she was clothed in Jedi Robes. Her skin was pale, almost as if dead, and she had no pulse. But that was simply an illusion. She was healthy and alive, though only force sensitives could feel her so. She had successfully deceived the clone medics who attempted to find a cause for her death before cremating her. Their research was in vain, for Seliqa went so far as to damage the droids and make them follow her will.
She was now alone and the only sound that came in the room was of the humming and beeping of machinery and droids. She had been left alone while the medics conducted other activities. She would soon be taken for cremation, which is where she would unleash her reality and escape the planet. She could sense that Wefive’s betrayal had been found out by the Commander and that he would be deported from the planet. She was just hoping that the Captain had managed to find a loose vessel for the escape. A gunship would be too large and unnecessary, which is why her hopes were pinned on an ARC-170 Starfighter.
Her chain of thought was interrupted by a sound of footsteps falling on the metal floor. Soon a medic came in, unarmed and naïve. He looked around and got to work at a lab station, with chemicals and computers. Suddenly, a jolt came into Seliqa’s mind. She felt a larger company of clones coming. She felt not the sophisticated perceptions of the Force, but the rawer instincts, the primal instinct of approaching danger. Her eyes opened in an instant and her ghostly white face returned to a livelier shade. Her pulse amplified.
She got up in an instant and spun out of the bed, alerting the medic. The latter turned back, startled, but not shocked. He had known through training and experience to expect the unexpectable and counter it. He ran for alarm, but magically slipped and knocked over medical apparatus. The alarm suddenly blew in a carefully timed sequence of events. As the sound of the alarm’s explosion died down, another rose: the loose footsteps of an approaching party. The medic got up, but flew off his feet into the lab station and was suddenly electrified as a computer beside him blew up.
The alarmed medics ran in and found the Jedi standing alone, the corpse of the medic writhing in electricity. In a frantic effort of survival, the Medics wielded their pistols, but were hit by a massive bolt of electricity from the computers, which blew up, one by one. The clones flew around the room like loose armour. When the noise died down, Seliqa crept up to a medic and salvaged his pistol and grabbed any piece of ammo on the clones. Being medics, off field too, they wielded only pistols rather than the bulkier blaster rifles.
Armed with a standard issue pistol, Seliqa crept into the corridors, and warily made her way through them. Most rooms were empty, some had injured soldiers. Seliqa’s naked feet made no noise as they stepped through the medical facility. Soon enough, she reached the entrance of the facility, a large door with four guards, two on each side. Before they could so much as seize the reality of her in their vicinity, they lay on the ground as cold, dead bodies. Seliqa was very careful about her escape. She was about to use the door controls to open it, but hesitated. She first needed to calm herself. Her heart was pounding loudly. A little too loudly for a Jedi of her class.
She crept back into the shadows and pondered her next move. Going out into the open with a blaster would be suicide. She would have to develop a careful strategy and either make minimum casualties, or maximum. She was hoping that it would be the former. But she could not bear the loss of her lightsaber. She had made it after she had sacrificed the first, when she was only sixteen. Her first lightsaber was constructed under her master’s guidance. It was a beautiful blue blade, which Seliqa was destined to lose. On a less important mission at Caldarb IX, she learned that the only way she could destroy a monster terrorizing the locals would be to crush his insides. Separated from her master, she sliced the monster’s teeth and guided her saber deep inside the monster and ruptured his heart. The monster collapsed and the saggy, yet tough body prevented the saber from returning. Her master praised her decision at such a critical point, and instructed her to be more careful the next time. Seliqa then made the lightsaber she eventually grew to love. The lightsaber was with her everywhere and she would do anything to save it. She did not want another sacrifice.

Captain Wefive prepared to board the second Gunship in the day. It was now early evening and the ochre skies had begun to fade into a sinister violet. With all the checks done, the lieutenant assigned on Captain W-E5S got onto the gunship. The gunship itself was restlessly hovering above the ground, ready to escape the confines of the hangar and make a run for it’s home, the RAS Garendator. It slowly started, it’s engines’ hum getting louder. And then, through some sort of instinct, Captain Wefive got a message that the time is right.
He jabbed the lieutenant with his elbow and kicked one of the guards. The other two wasted no time in opening fire. Before the gunship could touch it’s reputed speed, the Captain dived, grabbing a trooper and the lieutenant to cover his fall. Meanwhile, the gunship rocketed out of the hangar and realizing something was amiss, the pilot made a sudden 180° turn, throwing one trooper out. The last trooper used a bar near the gunship’s door to save him from falling. The gunship came to a sudden halt, outside the hangar. The launching direction of the hangars was on the opposite side of the base, which is why there was hardly anybody noticing the spectacle.
The last trooper jumped out and helped the fallen trooper to the gunship. The latter wasn’t too injured, so the former asked him sit at the gunship controls as a gunner. It was a radical idea, but nobody objected. The trooper, DA-816V was a veteran and knew much about the tactics and strategies to be used in battle. He then instructed the gunship lay in wait and turn off it’s engines and keep the hum to a minimum. DA then jumped out of the gunship and crept towards the hangar and jumped for cover behind a crate. Then, he peeked from the top of the crate.

As soon as the Captain had made his daredevil jump out of the gunship, he used the lieutenant too block his fall and with a strong grip over the other trooper, made him fall as well. The lieutenant got knocked out, while the trooper cried out and jumped to his feet. With his DC-15 he opened fire at the infidel. The latter took a few hits, but rolled and flung the lieutenant towards the trooper. The trooper’s repeated firing killed the lieutenant, whose body fell like a ragdoll over the trooper. The Captain rammed the lieutenant, bringing down both the corpse and the trooper. He then grabbed the lieutenant’s rifle and pistol. With his feet he kicked the corpse off the trooper. The latter kicked the lieutenant away and jumped to his feet. Before his feet could touch the ground, he was blown several feet away by a powerful, charged blaster shot by the Captain. The Captain staggered to his feet and placed the pistol in his holster. He then grabbed the dead trooper’s helmet and secured it on himself.
Subconsciously, he moved to think his next move. But by doing so he narrowly missed a thin, blue ray of laser that was aimed for him. The Captain knew that this ray was a sniper rifle’s and that the shooter was in the direction the gunship went. As expected, there was a trooper, reloading his sniper rifle. Captain Wefive dived for cover behind a metal crate. His position was critical. He can’t turn back now, the death of two troopers was no small affair. The trooper after him was the one that had been assigned on him. That gave the Captain another jolt. The gunship was nearby. Reloading his gun, he jumped out of his cover, missing another bolt of sniper fire. He opened fire upon the trooper, who instinctively sought cover behind his own metal crate. Before the Captain could react, he raised his hand, palm outstretched. It was pointed outside, and then made a sudden jerk in the captain’s direction. Immediately, the Captain knew this was trouble. Within seconds, a LAAT Gunship descended, opening laser-fire into the hangar. Intimidated, the Captain jumped to the far left wall of the hangar. The gunship slowly came in and masterfully directed it’s fire towards it’s target. The Captain stood alone, the Gunship’s laser fire about to incinerate him in a second. It was at this precarious moment that two rockets flew in from behind the Captain and hit the gunship straight at the guns. The Captain’s cover, a large metal crate, flew off as the last blaster shot hit it. Two more missiles followed the earlier ones, this time hitting the posterior part of the Gunship. Its fuel cells exploded, resulting in a massive explosion that even killed the lone trooper near the gunship.
Armed with a plain DC-15, the Captain looked back, at an ARC-170 Starfighter approaching him. It lowered itself as it approached the battle-worn Captain. The canopies opened up and Seliqa leapt up and backflipped to the gunner’s seat. The Captain jumped into the pilot’s seat. He closed the canopies, and suddenly another ARC appeared to the rear of the hangar, with a horde of clones gunning the starfighter. The second ARC fired four missiles for the other craft. Captain Wefive made a sudden start and the starfighter shot out of the hangar. The Captain pulled the yoke and made a vertical 180° turn, turning the craft upside down. Two more ARCs erupted from their hangars, their noses pointed towards the Captain’s ARC. The missiles trailing the ARC exploded inside the hangar itself, killing many. Captain stabilized the craft and made another sudden acceleration towards the sky.
The ARC-170 hurtled towards the golden-violet sky, laser fire following it.
“Two missiles, no three, wait… five missiles incoming!” Seliqa alerted, her eyes on the radar.
“We could have used a rear gunner here…” the Captain replied.
“Make another 180, maybe I fire the missiles…”
Before the Jedi could complete the sentence, the craft turned 180 degrees, and flew downwards, much against their enemies’ expectations. Seliqa fired the last two proton torpedoes in her arsenal, which hit two torpedoes flying for them. Three more trailed them. “Hit the sublight!” Seliqa yelled.
“We’re not even out of the atmosphere! We’ll die!” the Captain yelled back.
“Do it!” Seliqa ordered.
Captain Wefive set up the craft for sublight speeds with it’s ion engine, while the three proton torpedoes and a large mass of laser followed it. “Done!” Wefive yelled and the world outside the craft blurred out. The craft hurtled off, the atmosphere turned from violet to plain black. Once Seliqa was sure they were out, she ordered the Captain to turn it off. The space came back in a sudden jolt. They had managed to evade the ARCs, but a new danger had been formed. The massive RAS Garendator lay to their right. Shadowed by the sun, it looked dark, fierce and monstrous. The looks were not deceptive, as a swarm of ARC-170 Starfighters erupted from their hangars, directing towards the lone spacefighter.
“Go, go, go! Get a hyperspace route!” Seliqa ushered, her eyes on the RAS.
“There are a few routes, but the nearest is… Onderon. Close enough. Our hyperspace should be able to…”
“What are you waiting for? Get that route and fly, or we’re going to be brutally murdered in the middle of nowhere!”
“Just gotta feed this co-ordinate data… autopilot check… positioning…” the starfighter moved to the Captain’s whim, positioning itself towards Onderon. “clearing data…”
Time passed by as the Captain hurriedly made all of his checks. The starfighters began firing. Within a split second the world blurred. The distant stars spread to form blue lines and everything vanished into a blue tunnel, spiraling and twisting. Hyperspace had been initiated.
Both the Captain and Seliqa breathed a sigh of relief.

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