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The sleek UR-14 slid into into a quiet dock on the belly of the RAS Rapier. It settled on a docking bay, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the bay. Clones moved past swiftly, loading and unloading with clockwork efficiency. Wefive jumped out and made his way to the security checkpost at the exit of the bay. The clone trooper saw Wefive’s special armour and decided to enquire. He asked some short, obligatory questions and after sending a word to The Bridge, let Wefive pass.

The RAS Rapier was orbiting a large sun near the Coruscant system. The sun’s energy was being harnessed by several thousand Imperial Solar Energy Units to provide massive amounts of energy. This power would be used by the Empire for it’s ambitious projects. The Bridge faced the sun, and its black window coat prevented the sun’s glare from blinding the crew. Yet the sun’s brilliance shone into the Bridge, illuminating the already well-lit room in hues of yellow and ochre.

At the edge of the bridge was a dark, tall figure. It was staring into space through the window, supervising the multitudes of energy units. It was Darth Vader, the Imperial Executor, the right hand of the Emperor. Vader’s black armour shined in a golden tinge, reflecting the sun. His mind was dense, racing with thoughts, memories and plans. What was inside the monstrous contraption that held him alive was known to none. All that was known, was that Darth Vader was a tactile monster, capable of mass destruction. He was one of the few force-wielders in the galaxy, and was rightly feared by his subordinates.

A stormtrooper approached Darth Vader. The latter could sense his fear, his virtual perspiration as he prepared to address one of the most powerful personalities in the galaxy.

“Lord Vader,” the trooper began with much unease, “the secret operative you summoned has arrived.”

Darth Vader stood silent, as if non-existent. Only his apprehensive breathing announced his subsistence. He said nothing, and implied nothing.

“Sir, you’re orders?” the trooper prompted, his heart beat pounding in his ears.
Once again the Sith remained motionless, and then spoke abruptly.

“Send him to a private briefing chamber in the fifth wing of 6A Sector. Isolate the room. Cut off all communications and erase all evidence Wefive had been here.”

“Yes, yes Lord Vader.” The trooper stammered.

“I will receive him shortly. Tell him that. Dismissed.”

The trooper fumbled with another acknowledgement before walking away briskly and barking orders on his comlink.

Wefive took a seat uneasily and gingerly kept his rifle on the illuminated desk before him. The door opened and in stepped the tall, fearful figure called Darth Vader. Wefive had never seen Vader before, and his first impression of the Dark Lord was as terrifying as any – a lofty, dark, armour-clad silhouette against the bright hallway behind. Wefive shifted uneasily as Vader entered and closed the door. A few more electronic and mechanical sounds announced that the door had been sealed. Vader stepped ahead and his striking armour glowed ethereally in the blue light from the desk. His breathing, passive, yet dreadful suddenly struck Wefive’s ears.

“Former Captain W-E5S, you were the specially assigned special operative?” Vader rumbled.

“Yes.” Wefive answered, pertinent to the question. “Lord Vader.” He then added, in respect.

“My master informed me of your deeds. Your reconnaissance has provided invaluable information to the Empire and has helped further secure its position in the galaxy.”

Wefive did not know what to say. He sat motionless and uneasy.

“My master contacted you after your operation… FG-90. On Durankhia. He assigned you this new mission, which you accepted without hesitation. For this the Emperor is grateful. He could not commemorate you personally, or leave a holovision message, but assigned me to personally congratulate your efforts. And to inform you of the Empire’s offer to you.”

“Off-offer?” Wefive stammered.

“Your success in finding the Jedi hideout at Polis Massa helped the Empire in finding and eliminating traitors. Your actions are acknowledged, Captain. You must realise that you were on the verge of loyalty to the Empire, and that not even the Empire suspected you being a secret agent. The success of this operation has prompted the Emperor to plan more operations for you.
You have inaugurated the Special Operative Soldier of the Empire. You will fight as a traitor to the Empire and you will receive orders directly from me, or the Emperor. You will carry out operations for the Empire, without directly acting from it. It is a very risky, yet crucial step my Master is ready to take. Our soldiers will attack you and you will attack them. The unit W-E5S of the ARC-Clone Corps has been classified “Rogue” and “Rebel” under the Imperial Army Databanks. You are missing, non-existent in this world.

You will accept this offer, I take it. The rewards are plenty, as are the risks. I suppose you thoroughly understand the operation?”

Wefive thought silently, his head looking down. Vader observed him for a while and turned around.

“I am a patient man, Captain.” He spoke.

Wefive looked up and weighed the risks, the rewards and the consequences. Vader turned around suddenly and Wefive felt the searing heat of the Sith’s stare into his helmet.

“I… accept it, Lord Vader.” Wefive finally blurted out.

Vader strode to Wefive and shook his hand firmly.

“Excellent choice, Captain. You will be reassigned and you will officially now become SOS-1011. You are alone in this field, the pioneer of the Special Operatives. You will work alone and your first mission is ready for the taking. You have been commanded to rendezvous with the Emperor, on his Spire Palace at Coruscant. It is a secret location, and details regarding its position have been fed into your datapad. Dismissed, Captain.”

Wefive rose.

“Yes, Lord Vader.”

He turned around and walked away swiftly. His mind teemed with unanswerable questions and doubts as he waited for the seal on the door to open up. As soon as it did, he took one last look over his shoulder at Lord Vader, the dark sentinel staring into him. He hastily looked away and jogged away.

Everything flashed before his eyes – the Emperor secretly assigning him the mission, him killing his own comrades, flying with Seliqa, evading the DY44 and ultimately, killing Seliqa herself. He did not know whether to regret it, or forget it and look ahead to a new life.

He chose the latter option as he hopped into the UR-14 and dislodging from the dock, sped towards Coruscant. The new life had begun.

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