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*It took exactly 7 Months and 20 Days to complete the Fanfic.


The primary theme for the beginning of the fic was "Crystals".

*"Seliqa" was derived from "Silica".
*"Camman" was taken from a company that manufactures compact binoculars.
*"Crysm" is a mixture of "Crystal" and "Prism".
*"On the Run" was chosen because of its similarity to "Onderon".
*"Callader" was based loosely from "Blackadder"
*"Xydan" was a combination of the random name "Xylophone Daniel".
*"Jesqas" was taken loosely from "Jus' Kiddin'"
*"Irtan" was based loosely on the Muslim name "Irfan"
*"Torrdemnon Wassi" is the anagram of "Norman's Rowdiest", as a tribute to a friend.
*"UR-14" originated when I was telling a friend of the chopper "Mi24". He replied, "You are 14", confused at the sudden change of topic.
*"DY44" stands for "Do it Yourself For Four", in reference to Xydan controlling all four all the time.

*Zivz 110011 is actually a codename. Zivz, when decoded through Atbash translates to "Area". 110011, is binary for "51". So Zivz 110011 can be translated to Area 51, the inspiration for the facility.

Plot Changes

*The original plot did not have the last ending, but was supposed to carry the two through adventures to Polis Massa.

*Torrd was supposed to appear as a Deus Ex Machina on Crysm, but was postponed to Onderon, so as to make Wefive and Seliqa appear stronger.

*DY44 was loosely modelled over a more grim version of Delta Squad from Republic Commando.

*DY44 was supposed to fight the party at a refuelling station near Polis Massa. The plan was to kill off one member of DY44 there.

*The Kwayci Massacre at the end was supposed to be a major brawl between DY44 and Seliqa, Torrd and Wefive.

*Wefive kills Torrd in the facility. Torrd was originally going to die last, but ended up dying first, to give a hint on Wefive's intentions.

*The scientists at Zivz are killed in a clone operation, prior to the incident.

*The last two chapters, were actually one - The Ruins of Kwayci. They were broken up due to size.

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